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Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor

The 11 best bars and pubs in Mumbai

From a gin lovers' paradise to a bar employing only the deaf and mute, the best pubs in Mumbai are waiting for you

Kasturi Gadge
Written by
Kasturi Gadge

They don’t call it the Maximum City without reason. Mumbai is a cauldron of excitement the likes of which the world may not be ready for, and its nightlife scene is every bit at the heart of that. Partying here is a diverse experience, covering clubs, bars, live art, street theatre and even the occasional restaurant that decides to become something entirely different when the sun goes down. Mumbai is just that sort of place.

There is something about the best bars and pubs in Mumbai that is super exciting. These places are where the people of Mumbai come to relax, whether after a long shift at work or just to shed the stresses that life in a city of nearly 13 million people can create. Throw in some innovative independent breweries and taprooms, and you are onto a real winner. The City of Dreams? You better believe it.

Best bars and pubs in Mumbai

This Bangalore brewery replaced Lower Parel’s blueFrog a few years back. Brightly lit déco and an efficient layout bestow the space with a welcoming vibe. On the menu is a great selection of pocket-friendly beers, ranging from a Hefeweizen to an IPA that can be paired with the food served on-premise: wood-fired pizzas and fun appetisers like haleem samosas, ghee roast prawns and more. If you want to secure yourself a table, make sure to get here before 7 pm.

Madeira and Mime
Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor

3. Madeira and Mime

In Hindi, “madeira” means alcohol and, to get it while on-premise, you must mime your order to the deaf-and-mute serving staff. You read that right. You might want to spend all night here or stop by to pre-game on your way to your favourite Friday night club but, either way, the venue earns extra points for employing the deaf and mute.


Gateway Brewing Co. has been supplying local bars with craft beers for years. In 2017, they took their mission a step forward by opening their own flagship taproom and serving Mumbaikars an entire range of beers along with seasonal specials. The relatively cheap prices attract loads of people so expect the space to get extremely loud and crowded starting 8 pm.

6. Toto’s Garage

A tribute to human nostalgia, you’ll want to constantly come back to Toto’s Garage, if only to remember all the fun times you've had here (while making new memories, of course). Warning: leave your car at home, as it’s very hard to find parking around here. Once inside, revel in the awesome music, garage-style décor, cheap beers and delectable bar food.


7. The Ghetto

The Ghetto is an old-school bar at Mahalaxmi. In addition to constantly being packed and staying open until 3 am, there is one more thing that makes the venue stand out: the neon walls. The pool table and scribblings on the wall complete the look. Wear white and you will be reflecting light all over but do pay particular attention to the bar, where the hottest indie artists are usually found hanging out.

Usually crowded with Bollywood celebrities, find the cocktail bar inside Taj Lands End in Bandra. The stunning interior is perfectly matched by the dolled up cocktails, concocted by award-winning mixologist Andrew Pearson. Order a Bee’s Knees, a Negroni, an Old-Fashioned or ask the bar masters to whip up something different.


Social Offline locations are co-working spaces throughout the day that turn into bars post-sunset. Within Mumbai alone, there are multiple—each one quirkier than the next. Fun cocktails and a good selection of bar bites make these venues particularly appealing. Add to that the live music performances by local talents and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed fun time.

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Mumbai’s nightlife scene is vibrant, perennially on the radar of international artists and DJs embarking on global tours. The city’s best clubs mirror said liveliness, few operating as restaurants and bars throughout the week and undergoing a makeover during gig nights and weekends. 

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