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If there's anything know about bisexual better than bisexuality, it's Bicupid. Years of operation have made Bicupid become the influencer in bisexual online dating. No matter the formulation of the features or improvement of service quality, Bicupid is already at the forefront of the industry. A really good brand is usually the one could stand the test of time. Bicupid made it. Bisexual, bi-curious, swinger, poly couple, transgender... are all Bicupid's target audience. You can find almost any kind of bisexual dating you want in Bicupid.


In this day and age, bisexual dating sites are undergoing a change. Different from traditional online dating, looking for partners and relationship are no longer meet somebody at random on the dating site. People are more likely to customize their ideal mate. Then there is a question, how to do? This is what Bicupid did.

How To Start offers all members a permanent free account while sign up. It allows all members to enjoy all of its basic functions. A nick name, location, photo, a simple self-description are all the things you need to register. These are all things you need to match a member. If you believe in a religion you may notice that Bicupid list some religions in the options when you create profile. This arrangement make members to find suitable partners more easily.

Then you have plenty of time to improve your profile. It looks very complicated. But all options are optional. This is a place you can introduce yourself. And you can write down what you are looking for in a partner. These option include language, occupation, income, smoking/drinking habits and so on. The more detail it is, the more probability you can find the ideal partner. It may take you 30 minutes to finish it or you can blank it and make all things randomly.


Bicupid offers many interesting features to both standerd and gold member. Like "spark", it's a speed match feature, you can random match bisexual members in your local. Gold member could get more permissions of all features. It's the same to any paid bisexual dating site.

  • Spark & Search This is the main measure to find other members. It's also the main way people find you. As a gold member, you can not only sent message to the one you like, but also you can see who is interesting you. Our system could help you as much as we can to meet the right people.
  • Contacts Here you can find many potential partners. The best love comes from the first sight, the first message, the first wink. Records of your personal data being accessed can be found here.


Standard member is free to use basic functions

Gold Memebership

  • 1 month fee $29.95 (save 25% off the regular $ 39.95, only $1 per day)

  • 3 months fee $59.95 (save 50% as package $ 119.95, $19.95 / month)

  • 6 months fee $95.95 (save 60% as the package $ 239.70, $15.95 per month)


Bicupid has serviced bisexual dating industry for about 15 years. Ten of thousands of members have found their happiness and satisfying bisexual partners here. Bicupid will never distribute personal information of their users for any reason.

Due to the sexual orientation problem, some bisexuals don't want to come out. Bicupid know it and works on protect member's information. Let everyone have a comfortable dating environment is the duty of Bicupid. No matter what's your sexual orientation, if you don't want people to know it will be hidden.


You can contact Bicupid anytime if you have any question. Bicupid have a professional customer service team to solve your problem. All questions can be answered manually within 24 hours.

Looking for right bisexual partners and exciting bisexual dating are not by luck. The member base and services of Bicupid could help you find happiness more fast and safe.

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